Guitar Clean

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tips for taking care of a guitar?

anyone know tips for taking care of a electric guitar (cleaning, playing tricks, good strings, pedals, things to avoid) stuff like that. also, to top it off list 3 of your favorite guitaristssingers. thanks!

Wow dude, there are so many questions in there that you can write a book on it.
Cleaning a guitar, on the body use pledge or guitar polish. On the neck use lemon oil (use sparingly). On the frets, .0000 steel wool. On the bridge, a dry clean paint brush. On electronics use electronic cleaner.
Pedals, Im a big fan of Boss. Almost everything they make is quality.
On strings, first find a guage you like, then there are several companies that make great quality strings. Ernie Ball, D'Addario, Dunlop, Gibson, Fender, LaBella, Elixer, etc. That is really a personal preferance and something that will have to suit what your ears and fingers tell you in addition to the music you play.
Playing tricks? I can't give away all the secrets. But here is a good one... when your tremolo bar is in a position that is in line with the strings, play a note and quickly depress the tremolo and let it bounce back into place. This is called a flutter.
Things to avoid... turning your truss rod if you don't know what you are doing. Leaving your guitar in an attic. Putting stickers all over your guitar or fretboard. Leaning a guitar on a wall. Playing a guitar and not using strap locks. Taking your guitar out of the house without a case or padded gig bag.
3 favorite guitarists, Vito Bratta, Marty Friedman, Synester Gates. Singers, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, and Amy Lee.

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