Brazilian Rosewood

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what would be an estimated price on this guitar?

i have a 1958 martin guitar, in PERFECT condition. no scratches, dents, nothing..shined up & completely tuned..what would be an estimated price on it if i wanted to sell it?

Ten million dollars. Actually, without the model designation it's impossible to say. Look inside the sound hole, on the neck block. There you should find the model and the serial number. Go to Martin's web site and look up the serial number to confirm the year of manufacture.

I can tell you this: back then they were using Brazilian rosewood (dalbergia nigra) on their better models, which was their -28 series. If you have one of them it's worth a few thousand just for that.

Contact a high end vintage instruments dealer like Mandolin Brothers, Elderly Instruments, or Gruhn Guitars. Any of them can give you a rough estimate or, for a small fee, an insurance appraisal.

Good luck.

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