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how do i fix this problem on a guitar with a floating bridge?

I just bought a washburn guitar with a floating bridge. its nice but some of the frets when i play them they just barley hit the fret ahead of them. like on the high e string when i hit the 14th fret it hits the 15th fret. can i fix this by losening the springs in the back?

If you loosen the springs in the back you will change the amount that the bridge will "tremolo". This will not appropriately correct the action issue, which is what this is.

You can do one of three things.

Firstly, do it yourself. Block up the tremolo by placing something in the back of the guitar so that the bridge won't move (a small wooden block or some such), then adjust the screws that control the vertical distance of the strings from the fretboard (they're on the bridge somewhere). When you do that, you'll be changing the intonation of the guitar, and you will have to correct that or your notes will sound out of tune around and above the 12th fret. I would suggest googling "block bridge", "intonation", "guitar action" and the like to learn more. Buying a book or dvd at your local guitar shop isn't a bad idea, either.

Option 2: Have someone else who knows what they're doing do it. I have a guitar tech who I take my guitars to. I kinda know how to do it, but if I want it done right (intonation especially isn't an easy thing to do) I take it to him. Intonation changes when you change string gauges, too. Try to get to know a certain tech on a first name basis - once you get to that point they'll know your needs, know your history. It makes the process easier.

Option 3. Get a guitar without a floating bridge and go back to doing 1 or 2. They're cool for whammy dives and whatnot, but even the really good ones (Floyd Rose, etc) go out of tune pretty quick. They're easier to work on and have better sustain, if you want to look at it from that perspective. I really bang on my guitar when I'm playing live, I totally transform from this precision/delicate touch into a screaming, jumping, heavy-handed brute, so I can't use a floating bridge - I can't tune between every song. =)


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