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Answer A.S.A.P! I need help now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guitar decision?

I looked at the Lauren Full Size Dreadnought acoustic guitar and I want it. I just need to know if its strings are steel or nylon. Is there anyway to figure it out? If you have an acoustic guitar from Lauren tell me what type of strings you have. Thanks. =)
Okay Thanks. I'm not exactly a pro yet. I just started about a year ago. Thanks for your answers!

It's a steel string piece of sh*t. That's why it's only $60. Real guitars, the kind you buy in music stores instead of over the internet, cost several hundred dollars. The difference is that real guitars stay in tune, have acceptable action and intonation, don't fall apart, and don't impede your progress. The Lauren is a toy shaped like a guitar, which is why it's so cheap.

Buy a guitar from a guitar store and nowhere else. Not from the internet and not from a big box store. Or feel free to ignore me and flush $60 down the toilet, $60 that could have gone towards a real guitar. It's your choice and I whatever you do is fine with me. Good luck either way.

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