Acoustic Fishman

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Guitars: i'm looking for the right one?

i need a smaller sized guitar with a slimmer neck, and preferably one with a cut-away.
i've been searching online all day for the right one with an afforadable price [right now i'm looking for $250-] and i've seeen plenty but they're missing one thing or another or have bad quality.
i've taken an interest in a fender squier mini electric guitar, for $99, but the reviews about it were overall not that great..either the strings needed to be replaced shortly after or right then and there--or the pick ups were ehhh.
u kno?
anyway, i'm looking for an acoustic (preferably) that actually lets me reach all the frets like an electric!!
that's the MAIN thing here.
i've considered electric acoustics, but not many are available.

I own several mini electrics, including the mini-strat you mentioned. The mini-strat is worth about what you pay for it, but you'll have to mess around with string height and intonation. All my electronics work beautifully. IMO, the best mini-electric out there is the Pignose 100 (Google it) which plays just like a regular guitar, but has a built-in amp. It's a great novelty guitar.

For all you're looking for, I recommend the Squier Telecoustic which is an electric-acoustic (Fishman electronics) and has an electric guitar (Telecaster) style neck. I purchased one when they first came out (under the Fender label) and after putting some $50 worth of work into it, ended up with a fantastic guitar. They come from the factory with very high action. I shimmed the neck to take care of this issue. You should also replace the strings immediately. I use strings from Thomastik-Infeld designed for electric/acoustic guitars. This has become my main "playing" guitar (not for performance) because it has a composite synthetic body and holds up to the abuse provided by the 90-lb. dog that lives with it. I've had mine six years and it still looks brand new.

You may read some horror stories about this model, but those are true of just about every brand out there. There are lemons, and there are perfect models. Just a risk you take.

Unfortunately, you probably will not find one in a guitar shop, but they are all over eBay for next to nothing.

Read about them here:

You can buy one here (where I got mine):

This IS a true electric-acoustic. I don't know where you've looked, but electric-acoustics are ALL OVER THE PLACE. You can check out some others at also.

I have yet to meet anyone who did not like the way mine plays. When it's plugged in, it is hard to tell the difference between it and my $3000 Taylor 812ce.

The Telecoustic sells new for about $199 no matter where you buy it.

Good luck!


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