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Guitars are extremely versatile instruments, which is why they are so popular. Be it electric guitars, bass guitars or even an acoustic guitar, guitars have proven their popularity throughout the years. As an instrument it is one of the most easy to carry around and perfect for gatherings with family and friends.

Guitars are relatively easy to learn and though it will take years of practice to become an actual master of the instrument, after a few practice sessions you will find that you can strum the instrument with confidence and not sound too unprofessional. By learning the basics you will find that you can strum easy tunes and actually make music that others will appreciate. It serves as the perfect background accompaniment for sing-along sessions, especially with seasonal gatherings that happen during the month of December. There are many get togethers and ending the night with carols and Christmas tunes is usually the norm. You will indeed be very popular if you pull out your guitar and play along. For some reason the person who plays the guitar at such gatherings enjoys elevated status and is usually in high demand!

Best is guitars are affordable. You can purchase a guitar without using up your entire savings. They are easy to have around and store, unlike finding space for a piano.  Also they are relatively cheaper to maintain. Of course they do need to be looked after and serviced in order to maintain their tiptop condition, but the cost is not too high. The beauty of a guitar is that it is your own personal instrument, ideal to play while alone during an evening, trying out new tunes or practicing old ones. Yet at the same time it can easily be played alongside other instruments and blend in with ease, which is part of the magic of a guitar; its sheer versatility.

You can make your guitar completely your own by accessorizing it showcasing your own individuality. From leather straps, to decorative stickers you can make your guitar instantly recognizable as your own. This also helps strengthen the bond with your guitar and seriously you will gradually begin to feel as one. It may have something to do with being able to actually carry it around with you, not to mentioning looking super cool with a guitar slung on your back!

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