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How to get depth from my Ampeg speakers and amp?

I have an Ampeg SVT 450 head, SVT 410E and the SVT 1510E. It's 5 ten inch speakers and 1, 15 inch speaker. It sounds loud but I can't feel it acoustically. Is it the room because when I had it upstairs in my living room it sounded real basey(the sound I was looking for) but downstairs in my studio(in the cellar) it sounds mid bass with no booming low end. What could I do to get the booming sound?

Low frequencies are very sensitive to not only the room that they're in, but where in the room the sound source (your amp) is placed.

I'm guessing that your living room is larger and with a higher ceiling. I'm really over simplifying this (so an acoustic engineers out there, please don't shoot me), but a larger room gives a low frequency wave more of a chance to develop. There's also probably less phase cancellation from the waves being reflected. When a wave gets reflected back towards the sound source, it can either reinforce the sound (if it's in phase) or cancel it (if it's out of phase).

And on top of all of that, every room will resonate at certain frequencies. There's one club I play regularly that is incredibly resonant at about 250Hz...I have to almost pull that frequency completely out of my signal to get any kind of clarity there.

So, what do you do now? Try moving the amp a few feet...sometimes that's all it takes. You could also try installing bass traps in the corners of the room to reduce the amount of the reflected waves coming back at the amp. Finally, you just may have to re-EQ your amp for the different environment that it's in now.

Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, TX

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