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Is it possible to fret a violin?

I've seen the Viper electric violins that have frets, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have frets put on a standard(not a guitar-styled) electric violin? Maybe just strands of copper wire or something either embedded in, or super-glued on the fingerboard.

You could. But the real issue is whether you would really want to. There are only two reasons you would be asking this questions. You are either a new violinist and want to make playing notes easier, or you are very experienced and want to create a new sound from your instrument. If you are a new violinist just learning your instrument, I would STRONGLY advise not to fret your violin. Never one you would change the sound of the violin, but you will seriously damage the neck of the violin. Once you put those frets on the neck, there is no going back.

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