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What electric guitar should I buy? I have a few options...?

Ok, so I want to buy an electric guitar. I never played the guitar before, and I want to buy something good for a beginner... These are my options:
1) Stagg package: Guitar+amplifier+accessories (I heard this guys have great stratocaster replicas)

2) Squier package: Guitar (Fat Stratocaster)+amplifier+accessories.

3) Lastly I was thinking of buying a Squier Fat Stratocaster and an amplifier separately so I can have a bit more flexibility.

Note: Those are the best things in my price range. I don't know much about guitars but this options are the best from what I've heard.
Note2: I don't know if the guys at Stagg really make great guitars but a guy at the guitar shop told me it's the next best thing after a Stratocaster for beginners...

Oh yhea, do I need anything else besides the guitar and the amplifier? I heard you need something like a distortion processor or whatever... I'm no pro so I don't think I need anything else.

Ugh... I hate Fenders... I really do. But since you're just starting, I'd stick with whatever is the cheapest for now. LEARN how to play first... once you know that this is something you really want to pursue, then go out and buy something more expensive.

For the record, I started on a crappy strat knock-off too. Once I learned the basics of HOW to play, I was able to choose better quality instruments that really felt right.

As for distortion pedals and processors, those are just EFFECTS. You don't NEED them unless you're trying to play something that uses them... with just your guitar, chord, and amp, you'll get a clean, non-distorted sound. If you're looking to play metal or grunge or rock, you may eventually want to look into a pedal or processor, but again, that's not something you need to worry about when you're just beginning. Just plug in directly to the amp.

ETA: To the first poster's claim on B.C. Rich... the stock B.C. Rich guitars are all looks and no GUTS. The only way to get a decent B.C. Rich is to get it custom or hack it up yourself.

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