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Electric Guitar going out of tune?

I bought an Ibanez black night the other day, which I understand new strings will take time to settle. The past two days it has been just normal, as you would expect. But I tried to tune down half a step and now its just not even tuning standard. Every time I tune the first few strings they just go horribly out of tune again. I cant even play any chords its that bad. Whats going on here? This is my first guitar so I am a beginner, however I have enough knowledge to know a fair bit on guitars.

First, block the bridge in the position you want it to be in. I usually use the plastic pouch that the strings come in, folded over a few times, and jammed under it. Then as Im tuning, (and this is vital) I stretch the strings out by tugging them as Im winding them down on the peg. You may have to pull a little harder than you think you have to. Just take it a little easier on the B and high E strings... I keep doing this until they more or less stop detuning after I play the note, tug, then play again. Once Im tuned up, the plastic pouch just slides out, Im in tune, stretched, with a floating bridge.

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