Hagstrom Super

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Help with Electric Guitar ?

I got a new Hagstrom Super Swede CSB.
But when i plug it into my Roland Cube 20x i get terrible feedback.
Ive looked at the guitar and theres a bolt around the connection which moves the acutal output socket on the guitar.
If i move the cable end i get a horrible crackle and i have to spin the bolt to get the right postion for the amp to pick the sound up.
Any help on what to do?

Ive tried to tighten the bolt but only had the problem of it not picking it up again and had to loosen it.

sounds like it might be the actual connection in the guitar cause it sounds a bit like something that happened to mine.
only my guitar just didn't work at all.

it's best to take it to a music shop and get someone to look at it

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