Affinity Strat

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How much would someone pay for a used Squire Affinity Strat?

With an frontman 15 watt amp
Trying to get at least 100? is that probable?

Hello there,

That price is pretty optimistic. The general rule of thumb is that used gear sells for half the new price if it is in very good condition. High demand items can bring more. An Affinity Strat is on the low end of the Squier line and is not a high demand item. It is more likely a low demand item which will interest mostly beginners. A new Squier Affinity is selling for around $180. So about the best you can expect to get $90. Condition is very important in the price. If the guitar is not in very good condition, that is, it has scratches or chips, the price will be less. If there are any cracks, the price will be less. If it is missing the arm for the tremolo bridge it will bring less. If there are any problems with the electroncis, it will bring less. Even scratchy pots reduce the price. If there are stickers on the guitar, good luck trying to sell it. I recently bought an Epiphone Strat clone for $20. It had lots of stickers and no one would take it at any price.

The FM15 is a small practice amp with a lousy 8 inch speaker. The amp makes you sound thin and tinny. It is virtually worthless. Any one who knows anything about amps will not want it. So any thing you can get for that is a good deal.

Sorry I don't have better news for you. But when you buy low end gear, it really takes a beating on resale.


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