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Presently, there are more registered nurses working in the United States than there are anywhere else in the world. However, we have been experiencing a shortage of R.N.’s for many years, largely due to the stressful workload of a nurse and the earnings which are not comparable to all that the job encompasses. It is estimated that over 50% of registered nursing jobs are hospital-oriented, with R.N.’s composing the biggest occupation in the healthcare field, with approximately 2.7 million medical jobs being that of a registered nurse.

Registered nurses are qualified to perform numerous and varied duties, such as treating patients, recording a myriad of data regarding a patient’s condition, diagnostic testing procedures and interpreting the outcomes; using medical equipment to assist doctor’s or physician assistants; and rehabilitation services for those patients who require follow-up care. R.N.’s also have knowledge regarding symptoms of diseases, nutrition, physical therapy, and can operate public health screenings and blood drives. Licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants will also work under the supervision of a registered nurse, and instruct them on techniques, which may help them gain experiential knowledge leading to higher incomes.

RN training involves obtaining a bachelor’s degree at a four year university and several years of interning at a hospital under the direction of other registered nurses. There is also the option of specializing in certain fields of nursing, such as working as a pediatric nurse, a postoperative nurse, or a geriatric nurse, which is fast becoming one of the most in-demand jobs in the medical field. Patients who are suffering from serious illnesses or injuries require a critical care nurse, who usually works in intensive care wards or emergency areas in hospitals.

Forensic registered nurses will assist in the examination and management of victims of violent abuse or those involved in a serious accident. The range of occupational fields available to a registered nurse is virtually unlimited, and someone should not have any problem finding a specific field of interest which they would love to work in.

A student desiring RN training can opt to enroll in a two year degree first, and then obtain an entry-level job which usually has benefits such as paying for tuition and earning credits towards a bachelor’s degree. Plus the nursing student will gain important real-life experience and knowledge regarding the field of nursing, which will serve to enhance job and salary opportunities in the future. Upon successful completion of RN training, the student is required to take the NCLEX-RN, which is the national licensing examination necessary to obtain a nursing degree.

States fluctuate in their requirement needs regarding education prerequisites so a potential registered nurse should check with his or her state guidelines when applying for nursing jobs in a certain state.
There are nursing degrees, which can be obtained online but these are only meant for those who are already registered nurses and are seeking a master’s degree in nursing. As the holder of an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) you would be qualified to be a legal nurse consultant or the administrator of a health care facility.

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