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Is a decent drum kit cheaper than an electric guitar?

I've always wanted an electric guitar, thinking that drum kits will be much more expensive. (They look to cost like 1000 per kit) But after doing some research, I realized some are like half the price of electric guitars? Are they really cheaper?

No..drums sets are way more can get a starter guitar pack for 100-150 that includes the electric guitar,amp,strap,some picks,the cord,and possibly a tuner.(sorry for the long list).the basic drum set in any store is at least 200 bucks. And thats the bass drum and snare. So unless you get it at the pawn shop or used somewhere else like from your friend,you should consider playing the guitar. I play the guitar and i think its much more creative,and you can get headphones so you dont annoy your parents or get banished to the basement. Whatever you do,just have fun with it.

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