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Should I get a hard case for my electric guitar?

Its a stagg guitar, strat copy. 198$. I've been playing guitar for 2-3 months taking lessons every monday. I take my guitar to lessons every monday, and camping every once in a while. ( I have a camper, so it's not outdoors). Only place where I feel my guitar is at risk is when we go camping, and I feel my guitar has been getting bumped around I have an acoustic gig bag i've been putting the electric guitar in. Used cases are about 70$ at the music store. Should I get a hard case, or a better fitting gig bag? Please help! Thank you, jefff.

How about finding a place to mount or hang the guitar in the camper where it doesn't get banged around. That might be cheaper and solve most of your concerns than a hard shell case for an inexpensive yet valuable (you use it regularly) guitar.

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