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What is full spectrum light? Most of us may know nothing about it. On the whole, if we have healthy eyes, certain amount of light can be let in our eyes. But if the amount of light is reduced, some vision errors may occur. In addition, this symptom is also very common among aged people.


There are many harmful rays in environment around us. Especially, glare can cause great damage to our eyes. For example, some of us may get glaucoma and cataract due to this reason. Of course, glare can be caused by sunlight and many other factors. And our vision will be greatly damaged if we expose our eyes to glare and other harmful rays while doing some close work.


Some of us tend to read books or work in dim light. This seems very nice, and our eyes will not be bothered by strong light. But our eyes can not receive enough light for better looking at something. Therefore, we should be cautious about the lighting condition of our living environment. Neither the light should be too strong, with too much glare, nor should it be too dim (eyes can not get sufficient natural light).


Therefore, we are in need of full spectrum light in our daily lives, and more attention should be paid. Doing so can bring great benefits to our eyes. Anyway, it is essential for us to brighten our living environment with light of certain degree.


Or sometimes, we should even invest for good lighting environment, like try to avoid using lighting sources that may generate glares; try to make better lighting condition at kitchen, and other places that are usually ignored and make a color contrast among different pictures, etc.


We should also remember one point that certain color and light can influence our moods.

If the influence is negative, our eyes may suffer from great pressure and strain. Nicer color contrast can make us more relaxed and comfortable.


And now, the meaning of full spectrum light can be well understood by words mentioned above. Anyway, it is needed to pay more attention to the amount of light that can be received by our eyes both outdoors and indoors.


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