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I just got a guitar...?

How do I tell if it's a classical guitar or an acoustic?
I'm also trying to teach myself how to play, but I don't have any really easy to learn from books...What books are ones you'd suggest for me? I've learned the basic scale and the easy C chord, easy G chord, and the D chord, so I know just a little bit about it.....but I'm really serious about learning and playing really well....PLEASE suggest some good books! and I can't go to website links you post because of the parental controls on my web browser (I'm 16 and my parents still think I need coddling)......

On a Classical Guitar, the three treble strings are made from nylon, as opposed to the metal strings found on other acoustic guitars. Nylon strings also have a much lower tension than steel strings, as do the predecessors to nylon strings, gut strings (made from ox gut). The lower three strings ('bass strings') are wound with metal, commonly silver plated copper.

Also, the tuning pegs (or "keys") at the head the fingerboard of a classical guitar point backwards (towards the player when the guitar is in playing position; perpendicular to the plane of the fretboard). This is in contrast to a traditional steel-string guitar design, in which the tuning pegs point outward (up and down from playing position; parallel to the plane of the fretboard).

As far as instruction goes, I recommend the eMedia Guitar Instruction Method. It's a computer program. It's very helpful because it shows you exactly where you hands need to be and how to get them there.

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